How to use

"Organizations" Module

Contains official data on all legal entities including affiliated companies and representatives registered in Kazakhstan.

Module serves to run various market researches, competitor analysis and business activities.


"Import/Export" Module

Contains official monthly information updated on all product types trade volumes in Kazakhstan.

Now to get information on which products have been imported/exported, in what quantity, to what amount, from where and where to – became an easy task.


"Production" Module

Contains official data on industrial manufacturing in Kazakhstan in physical terms*

Module serves for various market researches and studies, own production analysis, market capacity research, internal market study and external market entry possibility research, production dynamics.


"Major Kazakhstan Development Indicators" Module

Now you can get information on major Kazakhstan development indicators from market business Catalog KazDATA. Indicators are available for all subscribers in each Catalog module. Just click the icon with diagram on the right side of the window. Right on the screen you will see pop-up window with indicators. You can select the interested ones and set period of time.


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