Terms of Use (Offer)

  1. Elim Business Decisions Centre LLP hereinafter referred to as Administrator represented by the Director Kydyrova Dzhamilya Oralowna, acting under the Charter, on one side and ________________, hereinafter referred to as User represented by__________________________________________, on the other side, jointly referred to as Parties, concluded Service Contract for the access to KazDATA Marketing Research Directory modules.
  2. The considered Agreement-Account-Act is applied for the modules of KazDATA marketing research directory. The complete list of the modules and modules data located here. The data in modules can be changed at discretion of the Administrator at any time without formal notification of the User.
  3. Access to the modules is provided after subscription according to the current rates. Subscription rates can be changed at discretion of the Administrator at any time without formal notification of the User. The actual subscription rates for the modules are published on the page.
  4. By paying subscription to KazDATA modules, the User automatically agrees that after the payment period, modules will be unavailable to use.
  5. All the contacts information contained in the Organizations module (phones, e-mails, de facto addresses, companies internet site address) are collected from public sources and Administrator doesn't guarantee the relevance of the contact information.
  6. KazDATA contains only official data from official data sources. Administrator is not responsible for the data content in modules. The complete list of data sources is here.
  7. Administrator regularly updates data in the modules as the new data becomes available.
  8. After providing User with the access to the purchased module(s), the Administrator does not pay back.
  9. After subscription Administrator can provide consultations and guidance as face-to-face and by correspondence.
  10. The Administrator is not responsible for the actions of the third parties when using KazDATA.
  11. The User agrees to provide the Administrator with the personal information according to the legislation of RoK. The Administrator doesn't provide access to the personal information to the third parties.
  12. The KazDATA Administrator reserves the right to email advertisements until the User unsubscribe from the newsletters himself or herself. As well as to post the company logo and the User's feedbacks on the KazDATA website.
  13. The User is prohibited to download the complete database in the Import/Export module for any period without specifying search criteria and data filtering (commodity, branch, location, production volume and others).
  14. The Users are strictly prohibited to sale and resale the data and information from KazDATA modules to the third parties.
  15. The User is prohibited to use KazDATA contrary to the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  16. The User is obliged to use the website in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.