What is KazDATA directory serve

for managers, sellers, marketing
professionals and beginners

Marketing Research Directory is aimed for everyone who is running business activity in Kazakhstan.

The Beginner or Professional, now you can easily solve marketing challenges.

The information which you obtain from KazDATA Marketing Research Directory will make you the professional who knows the market in numbers and understands the market processes.

The Directory includes 4 modules. You can select and buy the modules which you are looking for. The payment is made according to tariffs.

Marketing tasks completed in just 1 minute with the help of KazDATA


  1. Market size identification
  2. Estimate market coverage/market share
  3. Estimate market potential
  4. Estimate seasonality


  1. Define primary targeted audience
  2. Define Market size
  3. Make customers list according to the targeted audience
  4. Get contacts


  1. Define competitors

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