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"Organizations" Module

Contains official data on all legal entities including affiliated companies and representatives registered in Kazakhstan.

Module serves to run various market researches, competitor analysis and business activities.

Each organization description contains the following:

  1. Full organization name
  2. Business Identification Number (BIN)
  3. Full name of business activity
  4. Common Classifier of Economic Activity
  5. Location (region and etc.)
  6. Classifier of administrative-territorial Objects
  7. Staff  number (small, medium, large)
  8. Classifier of enterprise size according to staff number
  9. Date of Registration (from November 2013)


Полное наименование БИН Вид деятельности ОКЭД Населённый пункт КАТО Размер организации КРП Дата регистрации
Прочая розничная торговля в специализированных магазинах 47789 Г.КОКШЕТАУ 11101
Малые предприятия (от 31 до 40 чел.) 140 н/д
Производство муки 10611 П.ШОРТАНДЫ 11683
Малые предприятия (от 0 до 5 чел.) 105 н/д

Filters can be applied on all organization parameters.

With the help of the Catalog you can quickly find organization/company based on BIN, name, Common Classifier of Economic Activity, address, size and other criteria.

For example, you can choose the region of interest and see all registered organizations. You can narrow search by sector (business activity etc.) up to the size of organization – getting clear understanding of the subject.

Search for new customers in Kazakhstan – KazDATA practical guidelines.

Additional function "search" in the table.

Updating "Organizations" database weekly. On all questions please refer to Information. KazDATA specialists will assist you on how to use the application.

Every week we are preparing analytical report on updated number of legal entities in Kazakhstan (Report example). Subscribe for reports and keep yourself updated on the latest market changes in Kazakhstan.

We are constantly improving the module

05.04.2017 - В модуле добавлена возможность поиска лжепредприятий.

25.11.2016 - Surname based search added in "Organization" module.

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