How to use

"Major Kazakhstan Development Indicators" Module

Now you can get information on major Kazakhstan development indicators from market business Catalog KazDATA. Indicators are available for all subscribers in each Catalog module. Just click the icon with diagram on the right side of the window. Right on the screen you will see pop-up window with indicators. You can select the interested ones and set period of time.

"Indicators" module contains the following:

  1. Structure of GDP
  2. Population
  3. Migration
  4. Income of the population
  5. Housing starts by region
  6. Construction activities
  7. Commissioning
  8. Commissioning by region
  9. Food consumption

The view of pop-up window in "Indicators" module.

модуль индикаторы

In order to close "Indicators" press cross in the top right corner of the window.

Один из участников бета-тестирования, работающий бизнес-аналитиком в консультационной компании, Максим Боровиков, поделился своими впечатлениями от использования.

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We are constantly improving the module

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Kazakhstan Development Indicators for research and study

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