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About KazDATA Project

Since 2006 Elim Centre of Business Decisions have been providing service on market research and clients search in Kazakhstan for local and foreign companies. There was short disrupt in our activity due to economic crisis in 2008.

At the end of 2009 after reviewing strengths and weaknesses, recognizing previous challenges and opportunities, the company had been reunited in order to proceed in market research to provide you with the best service.

From 2009 until 2013 more than 500 projects of various complexity have been implemented. Up to 3-5 markets have been explored monthly. During projects delivering we have encountered problems with sourcing and integrating market data regarding production volumes, importing/exporting statistics, number of companies…In order to get relevant information we had to spent a lot of time.

Finally we ended up with numerous extended Excel spreadsheets (up to 50-100MB size), rarely with Word or PDF files. All that data had to be double-checked, formatted and reevaluated. In order to do that we had to spend hours.

Obviously, there were many mistakes due to human factor when congregating and formatting various data. Continuous revising for 2-3 and even 4 times wasted our time and that spoiled our competitive advantage when meeting deadlines.

Due to time pressures, we had to reject new projects and we were struggling to structure significant data volumes, especially Excel is not intended for big data volumes processing. We had to change the process of market researching otherwise we would fail. And finally we  transformed the process in order to win.

Under strain conditions, the idea of creating easy and powerful data source on market information came up. So the concept of KazDATA marketing Catalog was born. Practically every specialist in his/her field has professional reference book – lawyers, accountants, financial experts, economists. And only marketing and sales professionals have to explore and collect information from different data sources.

For an entire 2012 year the concept of KazDATA Catalog was working out: goals, major tasks, information sources, functions and solutions. And in the beginning of 2013 the project had been started.

In September 2013 the first version of Catalog has been launched. That was the beginning.  We just could not believe how easy and fast the process of market searching has become! That was our competitive advantage. After testing KazDATA resource it was obvious – Our product really works – it REALY SAVES YOUR TIME!

Later in 2014 Catalog interface and website design had been improved. Moreover, in 2016 website had been updated. 

We could leave it to ourselves and have time advantage but we decided to choose progress and information accessibility. We want that every professional have access to market information.

We want the manufacturing in our country developing and there is less dependency from natural resources exports. In order to achieve that   we need information. Now KazDATA is available for everybody.

We continue to work faster supporting decision making process. Each day we are improving KazDATA Catalog in order to make it more useful. Regularly reports on Kazakhstan market fluctuations have been published.

Please welcome the modern approach to the market data sourcing in Kazakhstan.

Market search in Kazakhstan just in seconds!

Empowered with Information – Prepared for Action!

About Company and Our Projects

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Studies  based on KazDATA

KazDATA marketing Catalog had been used for various studies and reports. Some of them you can list below.



For the article «On the Path to Society of Ideas through Modernization» (Republic of Kazakhstan and Singapore)

Mukhanova L.B., Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Higher School of Economy and Business, Student, 3d term

Academic Advisor – Aubakirova Zh.Y., Professor 


Commodity dependent trend in Kazakhstan Economy, Problems and Solutions

Rasulova S.K., Ph.D in Economics, he Kazakh National Technical University after  K.I. Satpaev, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Interuniversity conference works "Evolution and Perspectives of Kazakhstan through Younger Generations Eyes " Suleyman Demirel University


Mass media using KazDATA

BNews.kz info-graphics publishing

Food-manufacturing industry of Kazakhstan. Chocolate and confectionary production - http://bnews.kz/ru/news/post/271323

Automobile industry in Kazakhstan: car manufactures, import, export -  http://bnews.kz/ru/news/post/268960

"Business World of Kazakhstan" Journal

Online version of journal with kazdata.kz researching derivatives


Other examples of KazDATA Catalog deployment

The Government of Russian Federation

"Specificity of doing business in Kazakhstan. Review of the market of products and services in Kazakhstan, relevant for small an d medium size business of Kama River region"


The Eurasian Economic Union: Realities and Challenges

Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences MCSER Publishing, Rome-Italy Vol 6 No 4 S3 August 2015

Seilbek Mussatayev Ph.D. in Political Science, Associate Professor, Chair of Political Science, Department of Philosophy and Political Science, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Assem Kaidarova Ph.D. in Political Science, Associate Professor, Chair of Political Science, Department of Philosophy and Political Science, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Maigul Mekebaeva Candidate of Political Science, Associate Professor, Chair of Political Science, Department of Philosophy and Political Science, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan